The mission of Civil Engineering Department is to educate students for the practice of their profession and the advancement of knowledge and technology. The general philosophy, therefore is to produce quality graduates with adequate practical background to be employable and of immediate value to industry and the community in general. To achieve the above, our objectives are:

To work with industry to provide extensive educational experience and practical research opportunities for our students. Deliver academic programs in multiple formats to meet the needs of students.  Incorporate continuous development into the work plans of faculty, as well as into maintaining and upgrading the curriculum and university facilities.

Our Civil Engineering program is a five-year course designed to provide students with engineering fundamentals in the first two years and core engineering courses involving the study and application of the principles of geotechnical engineering (behavior of soils, design of foundations), structural engineering (analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures), hydraulics engineering (flow of water in pipes, water resources) and transportation engineering in the last three years. The students are also exposed to the basics of construction management and economics: both subjects are essential to every practicing engineer. Job opportunities in this field are promising. In the global industry, there is a strong demand for Civil Engineers particularly those who combine technical skills with good communication skills and teamwork ability. Graduates of this Department are qualified to handle responsibilities in research, design, and construction management. Prospective employers include, but are not limited to, construction contractors, consulting firms, industrial firms and various government agencies.